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My name is Monika Kamińska and I am an author of books for children. My ideas sometimes get out of control and that's why I can't limit myself to writing in one style only, on one topic or for one age group only. I don't like to limit my imagination and that's why you can expect completely new books by me soon.

I made my debut with the book "Kuku i historia pępka" ("Kuku and the history of the bellybutton"), which was published by Mamania publishing house and was entered on the second list in the competition of the Polish Section of IBBY Book of the Year 2018.

So far, I have published a series of books for children aged 2-5 about a boy named Kuku. These books move parents and entertain children. They are popular because they present important topics in a simple way. The series is illustrated by Andrzej Tylkowski, an author famous in Poland for his postcards and calendars. It is his design and experience that brought such a unique style to my stories.
In October 2020 will be published "secret of the blue door" a book that mixes magic and realism. This book will be aimed at children from 6 years old. It is a story of pursuing one's dreams and their cost, but also about the strong bond between grandma and her grandchildren.
All the previous books have been published by Mamania publishing house.

More books in preparation, are:

- a series for younger children, this time talking about the friendship between a hedgehog and a bear.
- A series of 4 books about the adventures of four siblings. Each of the books take place during one of the four seasons. These are stories depicting the world through the eyes of a child, showing great imagination of children.
- a series for children over 8 years old, taking place in the future, where an ecological disaster has forced people to live through underground tunnels.

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